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Welcome to my new site I’m Romina Bonaci, a Maltese presenter, actress and producer.

On this site you may find some information about this programme which I produce myself. Belle Donne is a very well established Maltese TV shopping programme. It started to be broadcasted in October 2006, and is still being transmitted today.

I hope you will consider this site as an open forum, where fashion lovers can easily participate in this interactive TV programme. In Belle Donne we give advice and professional tips to all those who participate; and by the help of our team of fashion experts we will build up your dream of inspiration. This is all about beauty, fashion and lifestyles, so don’t wait another day, and participate by sending sms. You can find all the required information on this site. I am so excited to have this creative web page to share with all of you; so feel free to share all your comments and thoughts.

I would like to thank all my fans, family and my web designer for all their priceless support.

Thank you, and looking forward getting to know you.











Watch the Latest Programme
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Our programme “Belle Donne” featuring new Guest with interesting tips from our experts will be presented on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 20:30 on F Living Channel.


Looking forward for your company…Romina Bonaci xxx



Ipartecipa billi tibghad sms fuq 5061 6750 bil-kumment  tieghek rigward il-program Belle Donne u tista tirbah dawn ir-rigali, li jintrebhu kull tlett xhur waqt il-program Belle Donne fuq F living channel.

Niehdu gost nisimghu minn ghandkom. 


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